Saturday, November 22, 2014

Momofuku Milk Bar Chocolate Chip Layer Cake Tips!

This post isn't a recipe for the Momofuku Milk Bar cake, its just me talking about things I found helpful while making this cake. I also list places you might look for the unconventional ingredients called for in the recipe. To see the recipes I used click here and here!

So for the passion fruit puree, I went to several different stores. I tried Publix first because they have a pretty good latin selection. I looked in their frozen section but they didn't have it. Although, the Public staff was so helpful! They went around the whole store with me trying to find alternatives. Sadly they didn't have it there, so I went to my local ethnic food store or Mexican Supermercado! They would have had it there but the owner said his freezer was broken so he hadn't ordered anything that needed to be frozen. There was a nice lady there though, and she said that she knew Walmart carried it for sure. So finally, I went to Walmart and found it there. You may need to go to the more ethnically diverse Walmarts in your area to find it. 

For the actual recipe, I left half of this block out and put the other half back in the freezer. You need about a quarter of the puree for the passion fruit curd and another quarter for moistening the cake. Make sure to leave the part you need for the cake in the fridge not the freezer! It needs to be liquid so you can dip your brush in it and moisten the cake. 

The recipe also calls for grape seed oil. I looked in several different supermarkets and either they didn't have any or they had little bottles that were very expensive. So it dawned on me that I had seen these bottles in a different store. TJ Maxx! I got this huge bottle for $12! They sometimes have smaller bottles as well for around $4 or $5. I also found the clear vanilla extract there. It was only $2.99.

The other item you may not have in your fridge is buttermilk. I found a single bottle at Publix, but you should be able to find it at any supermarket. They may only have one brand, but it should be there. Cake flour is another one of those items most people don't usually have unless you bake cakes all the time. Like the buttermilk, I was able to find it but they only had this one brand. 

The acetate for the cake building process was easy for me. I happened to have this pad of acetate sheets. What I did for the cake was tape two of these together to make one long strip that I cut once the cake was assembled inside. You want the acetate to come out higher than your cake ring but not so high that you have trouble assembling. Once you start assembling the cake you'll know what I mean. So this pad was about $7 vs a roll of acetate for baking that can run around $35.

This is what I used for a cake mold. It's a 6 inch springform pan. I used the circular insert as my guide. I cut my cake around it so that it fix inside the mold. Once I started assembling the cake I did not use the inner circle. Just the outer ring. 

I found this at Michaels for around $6. 

So that's it! Here's my cake after it was all said and done. 

If you have questions let me know down below! 

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