Friday, September 16, 2011

Missoni for Target Extravaganza!!!

If you are a Target lover like I am I'm sure you had a chance to at least see some of the FABULOUS  Missoni for Target stuff! I hope you didn't blink thought because one minute it was there and it was gone the next. This was a great opportunity to buy an authentic Missoni item without having to pay the authentic Missoni price. Some of my faves included the following:

I loved these pillows because they make a great accent to any neutral couch. I have beige suede couches at home and these make my living room instantly chic. You can match tons of different colors with them because they practically have every single color in the rainbow already.

I'm not a bike rider but if I was I would definitely be riding this bike around. Do you think the zig zag pattern will make it appear that I'm moving faster???

I absolutely love rain boots! They are great for anywhere that has a long rainy season or for fall in general. If you were looking for some these would be perfect! The zig zag multicolor pattern makes them a great accessory to add to any neutral outfit.

If you are like me and constantly have paper to file or are always running around with sketchbooks, notebooks, applications and whatnot, these file folders are not only handy organizational tools but instant accessories. I carry one around and even put my phone in there. Its like a clutch bag/file folder all in one! 

If you love this file folder too check back soon and find out how you can win one of your very own!!

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