Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Review: Victoria's Secret Mascara vs. Hard Candy 1000 Lashes: fiberized lash weave mascara


Hard Candy mascara in Underground Brown

tiny fibers on the wand

Victoria's Secret mascara in Brown

VS wand

2 coats of VS mascara

1 coat of Hard Candy mascara

2 coats of HC mascara

3 coats of HC mascara

The Hard Candy mascara has tiny fibers in the mascara liquid that extend the length of your lashes. I found that it also curls my lashes better than the VS mascara, although the VS mascara glides on smoother. After 8 hours I saw a little bit of fallout of the HC mascara and none on the VS mascara. They are both similar in color and I found out that with enough coats they both significantly increase the length of my lashes. The VS mascara gives a bigger appearance in volume than the HC mascara. Final thoughts:
VS Mascara- Length and Volume
Hard Candy Fiberized Mascara- Length and Curl
Both very good products, just depends on what you are looking to do with you lashes.

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