Friday, June 11, 2010

GLEE FASHION: Rachel Berry

Even though the 1st season of Glee is over, I still wanted to highlight the characters in the show by focusing on their unique styles. This week I'll focus on the girls and next, I'll highlight the boys' fashion. Hmmm.....where should include Kurt??? Since kurt has a very complex style, perhaps he should have his own week. In these posts I'll show you how you can recreate the awesome outfits worn by the Glee kids and on a budget. But, enough chit chatter! Lets get started with Rachel.

This show may be about a High School glee club, but Rachel Berry is definitely the star of the show (in my opinion)! Her sense of style is a little on the peculiar side, lets say a mix between your grandmother's wardrobe and that of a 5 year old, but its cute and its quirkiness makes it high school chic. Lets start with the first outfit.

Surprisingly, this outfit was super easy to recreate. Click on the pics below to find out where to purchase the items. Total cost of outfit, including shoes is about $82.

Check back tomorrow for another Rachel outfit!!

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