Friday, July 3, 2009

Lush Hair care review!

So i've been using my lush hair stuff and its great! i am switching to lush hair stuff cuz it leaves my hair soft and not frizzy! and with volume! Also my curls are more defined, something they haven't been for a while. First i apply the leave in hair treatment called.....H'Suan Wen Hua....(that stuff smells great and leaves my hair smelling like chai tea!!!) then I have been using the solid shampoo, Karma Komba. Its really good at getting my hair clean and removing buildup. I shampoo twice. Then i apply my conditioner. Right now i'm using American Cream. The weird part is that after i leave it in for 5 minutes it doesn't seem like my hair is softer cuz usually with conditioners from the store, they leave your hair very soft when its wet and it kinda feels greasy or very slick. But after you rinse it out and its dry you can't really feel the difference but with this one, even though it doesn't feel soft when you rinse it, once it dries I could feel the softness. It also makes my hair less frizzy even though its been humid outside. Today it was 93 degrees and i didn't put anything in my hair and it was not frizzy as usual. It looked naturally curly and frizz free. Usually i have to put globs of gel or mouse but i think all that just adds to the dryness. This stuff really works. I have only used it twice and i can already see the difference. I will continue to use it too see if this miracle lasts or if the results were just a fluke. If you have any comments you know where to put them! Chao!

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