Saturday, September 14, 2013

Nutella Snack!

I've been holding back on buying Nutella because its so darn tasty and I'm so darn chubby and that's not a good combo. But the other day I caved and bought some because I had a coupon so i couldn't deny myself Nutella anymore because at that point it had become fiscally responsible. When I got home I realized I didn't have anything to slather it on and eating it straight with a spoon sounded way too wrong. The only thing I had in the pantry was pancake mix, rice and rice cakes. At the time the first two options sounded pretty lame but now that I think about it Nutella pancakes sound really good. Definitely better that Nutella and rice. So rice cakes it was! Plus rice cakes are supposed to be healthy for you so it was obviously the best option. This was going to be my lunch so I needed some protein, and what better protein than good old peanut butter. My creation was complete! A rice cake base, followed by my protein in the form of pb, topped with Nutella! This is an awesome faux guilt free snack/dessert!

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