Tuesday, May 21, 2013

DIY Dollar Tree Bookends!

I found these cute little owl piggy banks at the Dollar Tree and thought they had potential. First thing i did was remove the stopper on the bottom.

Then I placed them one at a time on top of my broom stick and proceeded to spray paint them outside.

 This is what I used but next time I would like to try Krylon Looking Glass Paint but that's a little pricey for me right at this moment.

I filled the owls with left over pebbles from a previous project and put the stopper back on. You can use anything you have at your disposal. Maybe even some coins! If your stopper is finicky you can hot glue it back on so it stays in there firmly. The owls were pretty stable without the pebbles but I wanted them to have more weight so that they could act as proper bookends. 

Here's the final result!

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