Monday, March 5, 2012

Katniss Everdeen Costume!

I'm so excited for March 23rd when Hunger Games comes out. If you want to look like Katniss check out these dresses and hair tutorials that will help you get there.

Reaping Ceremony
Katniss' Reaping outfit.

Here are two dresses that look very similar to Katniss' light blue dress. Click on the links below the pictures to go to the dress site.

Cool Blue Beauty Dress

 (I would bleach this dress to make it lighter but that's just me. )

Peppermint Teatime Dress

Don't forget your hair!! I found an awesome tutorial online. Just click HERE to learn how to achieve your own version of Katniss' hair!

Hunger Games Ceremony

This is a great look for Prom!

Red One Shoulder Dress Prom Formal Chiffon $178

GiGi Taffeta One Shoulder Prom Dress $298

Faye One-Shoulder Dress, Poppy $162

Short One Shoulder $88.00
Hair & Makeup

Blast Flipstick Lipcolor - Buy it HERE
I think this lipstick is spot on because its two different colors that complement each other and make fiery combination just like Katniss' two tone dress.

Yellow Dress

Sparkle & Fade Pintuck Frock Dress

Dress Jackie Yellow


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