Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Affordable Centerpiece Ideas

Having a dinner party or family over and don't know what to do with your table??? Here's a quick and inexpensive fix. 

What you will need:

☉A vase or container of some sort (one you already have or new) $1-$15 at Walmart or Hobby Lobby
☉Bunch of flowers or your choosing- around $4 or less (check local farmer's markets for a better deal)
☉Oasis floral foam- $1-$10. You can buy them individually or in packs
☉Twigs- feel free to get them from outdoors
☉Place mat  or runner
☉Tea light candles $1.50 for 50 at Walmart
☉a knife

Cut oasis floral foam to the size of your container and place it in your container. Pour water until all of the foam turns dark. Continue pouring water to desired level. 

Place stems next to vase or container to measure desired length. 

Using your knife cut the stems at an angle at the desired length. 

Insert stems in oasis foam.

 Arrange flowers to desired shape. A simple way of making it look neat is to arrange them evenly. If some are lower pull them out so that they are even with the rest and vice versa. Fill in any holes with more flowers. Once that's done look at your flower arrangement from all angles to make sure it is even. Then, voila! You now have a floral arrangement. 

For this short centerpiece I chose not to put the twigs in. 

Put place mat or table runner in center of table with tea lights and glass containers. This should be great for a small table.

If you have a tall vase, place the twigs in the arrangement along with the flowers to enhance the height. 
Bunch together vases of different sizes for a larger table. Try to have one large arrangement and many little ones. Keep them in odd numbers so that there is always a focal point. 

Be creative! Choose whatever colors you want and work with the things you already have if possible. Then, the sky's the limit!

My total cost:
Place mat - $2
50 Tea lights - $1.50
Large flower bunch - $4
Everything else - pre-owned

Total: $7.50 for two arrangements

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