Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Very Very Rachel Berry??

1950s Cocoa Tailored Dress with Plaid Tweed Skirt by Sarmi - Size 3/4

When I saw this vintage wool dress I immediately thought of Rachel. In fact, I think she's worn something similar in previous episodes. 
In a strange way it also says Quinn Fabray. It all depends on what accessories you pair it with.
In the comment box below let me know if you think this dress is more of a Rachel or a Quinn.

 Rachel would probably wear this dress with flats and add a cute bow belt to jazz it up a bit.  

Corso Como 'Festive' Flat

Metal Outline Bow Skinny Belt

Quinn on the other hand would wear a quirky Anthropologie cardigan and chunky shoes. 

Mamara Cardigan

Fountain Spray Wingtips

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