Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Glee Fashion: New York- Rachel Berry

The actual coat Rachel wears in New York is Vintage but here are some look alikes.

60s Mod Multi Colored Striped Long Coat L

Donald Brooks - Donald Brooks Multi Color Striped Coat with Matching Belt

Antipodium Dark Habit Wool Boucle Cape
Cashmere Wool Poncho

In the scene with Kurt on the Wicked stage Rachel wears the Milly Heidi Sundress. This dress is currently on sale at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Aww! What a cute scene!


Aqua Sleeveless Ruffle Wrap Dress

The actual dress is vintage and not available in stores so I posted some options that are very similar to the dress Rachel wears in the New York episode. 


  1. What about the turquoise dress that she wore in the park?

  2. loved the clothes in this episode, rachel looked really cute ^^