Monday, June 21, 2010

More Traveling Tips!

Extra Travel Tips

1. Bring versatile clothing.
As girls, we have the tendency to overpack because you never know what occasion you will have to dress for. To prevent overpacking, bring clothes that are multipurpose.
Here are 2 examples...
Day Time Look
Evening Look

Day Time Look
Evening Look

A. Take versatile pieces like a dress or a romper.
B. Pack Neutral pumps. They allow you to wear them with multiple outfits.
C. Flats and flip flops take up almost no space in carry on bags so make sure you brings them. They also work for daytime outfits.
D. Also pack versatile jewelry and accessories. These will help dress up or dress down your outfits. A good summer scarf can make any daytime outfit chic and a classic pair of earrings will perk up any evening outfit.

2. Check all important flight regulation sites before you leave.
Make sure you are well informed with the procedures you will need to follow depending on your airport, airline, and season you are flying in. Summer time can be a busy season so prepare accordingly. Here are some websites with useful traveling information.

3. Print out any travel itinerary information and email it to yourself as back up.
This will save you if you run into any trouble or if you forget your documents somewhere. To prevent all of this, check in before you arrive to the airport. This will make things much easier.

If you have any more tips, please leave them in the comment section below. Thanks for visiting!

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